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icp insane clown posse – cotton candy lyrics

[sh-ggy 2 dope]
my name is sh-ggy
but some call me sh-ggy b-lls
cuz you can me my ball sac
hangin out my drawls
i wear short shorts
b-tches stop and stare
later on you see me partin through the cotton hair
i meet a b-tch
i always gotta check and ask
“how many corndogs been to the cotton patch?”
and when i f-ck b-tches ask what i’m tryin to do
my nuts is people so i try and stuff em in there too
cotton candy is wasn’t made for the mouth
don’t believe me just take a look down south
rottin candy is what you’ll find with out a doubt
i stick my w-ng in the cotton hole and then i’m out
jump steady, rude boy, nad nate the mack
they huntin cotton
and sh-ggy sh-ggs knows where it’s at
so don’t be stingy
there’s more than one wicked clown
and b-tch you got enough cotton here to go around
now some b-tches wanna go and shave they cotton off
straight to the candy
i’m wit it
i won’t get lost
that’s why i bring da clippers wit me
they comin in handy
when you f-ckin round wit the cotton candy

[(chorus) x2]
hhhhhheeeeeeyyyyy cotton candy
yeah hey hey
cotton candy don’t get wet until it’s in yo mouth she told me

[violent j]
my name is j
the kids call me jiggy pants
cuz i can play the flute
and make my d-ck start ta dance
like a snake i make it shake, rattle, and roll
and this year my b-lls made it to the cotton bowl
unlike sh-ggy
he scared of the cotton pie
i ate so much cotton candy
i got pink eye
i can remember the first time i had a taste
she pulled her panties down
and shoved her cotton in my face
i said “your daddy’s home”
she said “so f-ckin what”
i tried to take my ding-a-ling and stick it in her b-tt
i tried to push it in
i couldn’t turn it out
she said “cotton candy don’t get wet until it’s in yo mouth”
oh sh-t!
so what was i ta do
run like a b-tch
or have the cotton stew
i thought for a second
then i said “what the f-ck!”
i ate so much cotton that my tounge came out her b-tt
bbbbwwww b-tch
i’ll have another bowl
my boys had to come and get me
cuz i lost control
on the way home i had a new att-tude
i’m like
“hey let’s go eat some more p-ssy dude”

[repeat chorus]

- icp insane clown posse lyrics

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