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icp insane clown posse – love song lyrics

“h-llo, and welcome back to pillow talk
i hope you’re with your b-tch
cuz it’s time to get cozy with the icp
so wind back with a sparkling gl-ss of faygo
while violent j tells you the poetry
that just makes the b-tches melt
only on wluv”

“h-llo, baby
i was thinking about you
so i wrote this song
i like to dedicate this to the love
that has expressed from you and i
so just sit back and enjoy”

[violent j]
eh, yo, b-tch, come over here and let me kick it to ya
tried to stick my nuts in ya then i never knew ya
cuz your ugly and you know you can’t hide that
so what you look like a chicken with a hunchback
oh, it doesn’t matter that you from down south
if you talk like it, i’m a smack you in your mouth
b-tch, i admit it, i’m quick to hit a woman hey
but that’s okay, cuz b-tch, i’m violent j
and i’m a southwest mack daddy juggalo
and you’re nothing but a two-bit stankin’ ho
but i love you and i hope you realize that
i don’t care about the hair growing out your back
smoking that blunt, drink some mad dog through the night
and your ugly b-tch turns into karen white
and i stick my wing-w-ng in the middle
i like a filthy–ss ho, the kind that make your nuts shrivle

[chorus (2x)]
b-tch, i’m knocking at your door
let me get some neden, ho
b-tch, you’re ugly, that’s okay
i’m finna hit it anyway

[violent j]
i guess you want me to take you on a big date
but what you’re saying don’t sound all that straight
all i wanna do is feel your b-tt and squeeze your t-tties
cuz i can’t feed your fat -ss on a buck fifty
let’s make love my sweet little dove
i wouldn’t get near that neden without a glove
cuz it’s rats and spiders up in there
hittin that’ll take the curl out your nut hairs
i smack your t-ttie and claps when it hits the other
but i don’t want em clappin too loud it’ll wake your mother
b-tches always front like they don’t wanna let you hit
but then they always screamin banshees when you gettin with it
so don’t fake the funk, i’m nothing but a ghetto punk
all i’m trying to do is stick you in your fat rump
so get the f-ck out them dirty–ss drawers
and come and twist my b-lls cuz i love you

[chorus (5x)]

“you and i both know
that i’ve been wrong to you in the past
and i know that i love you
all i wanna do is slide my w-ng into your neden
i wanna hit that neden so d-mn hard
let my nuts bang on your -n-s
that’s my only true desire
i feel for you, i think for you
i breathe for you
all i want is a little neden
ya know, everyday when the wind blows
all i hear is my nuts flapping against your booty, ho
and that’s all i ever want
and that’s all i ever dreamed of
that is you and your neden, b-tch”

- icp insane clown posse lyrics

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