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idirei – shallow, tethered, earthly heaven lyrics

[verse 1]
why do you feel when
this heart is numb froze
girlhood manic off
a n-gg-‘s repose
grade 7 sessions are taking
place in a tenement
we’re in a warzone what’s the
purpose of your sentiment
hopeless romantic longing
for a heartless intimate
ain’t no time for emotions
hittin’ licks with regiment
you’re falling in love with pieces
of callous sediment
you’ll wind up like your mother
mixing with this element
synthetic male begetters
are buying her cot
legacy of a c-ke wh-r- sot
love and loyalty all you
desire all you got
yet you try it
with a young hotshot
strong suite is not devotion
pollute you with the potion
temptation in your ocean
we move with foolish notions
you took a beat down
now you down with the gang
go round the block let these
hoes heed yo name girl
put in work nine
milimeter heater hurl
she lives to give him love
he want have the world
this little boy needed a gal of your gall
deception of these b-tches head him adrift
p-ssionately hawking stalking instillments
into spys instances of full metal sifts
through the doors
of their van
put him in a pit
deliberate hit
verify with hollow tips to caput
love is a cr-pshoot
we love to shoot cr-p
under starry night skies vengeance is moonlit
we gon bust a cap as if luck would have it
you venting suicidal tendancies
when that don’t remotely mean sh-t to he
like how you’ll give a bruise
because you get abused
this is your reason
f-ck a flag of truce
this life will bemuse
if you are not seasoned
and know all the rules
do not deviate
once you’re in you cannot escape
flawless with each mission you rarely making mistakes
you got respect and potential at a bright young age
pair is agglutinate
pure ambition getting paid
quick tempered aura irate
never let these n-gg-s jade
make these n-gg-s run that fade
block the raindrops
reach the hilltop
it’s all in you babyboo
1 dead op or maybe 2
street lights or a sunny day
we gon make these sh-theads pay
glock in sock on f-ckin’ lock
piru love will never stop
double agent in the spot
you let the 47 chop
pretty young thang
sn-tchin’ yo chain
her knuckles bout to vilify
that sp-ce right in between yo eyes
street soldier and thought to hoe
will pimp yo b-tch
rock yo boat
her hole preserved for the hoodlum
that she hovers wholly ghost
he doesn’t make advance to her
she grows impatient with adjacent
parallels to total bases
nothing lasts if it is baseless
pigs are racist
triple k mentality absolute hatred
slangin’ them drugs
bussin’ at mugs
as revolution is awaited
prayin’ we’re not separated
feeling more so isolated
we can’t fail
never jail
need no bail
h-lls bells heard in a cell
drowning in a wishing well
with sins we cannot show and tell
abandon hope
across the globe
temporal lobes
you gotta keep yo sh-t together lady
and stay alert of situations shady
you f-ckin’ with these dawgs then
be quick to flip a b-tch
you sellin’ dope
you not yo mama
an appendage of the drama
11 overdosin’ on pills
you understand why a n-gg-s
pinning measure pushing pressure
putting pleasure in possessor
of your being as professor
of a lesser
what the f-ck are sheep to do
the wolf devours shepherd
time to become a leper
dye your wool
black as the sky
when n-gg-s gotta
send a message
female stigmata beautify
the gl-ss is full
love is a blessing

[bridge 1]
your will and your vibe crucified
queen of darkness get you bothered
living f-cking traumatize
it is death before dishonor
k!ll a judge. off his head
f-ck his wife. wh-r- his daughter

[verse 2]
when a thug have life in the paint
terra’s voices romanticized
be advised tidal eyes
remember your lullaby
more will die. you had cried
went underappreciated
by a guy going inside
you too young to look that faded
h-ll and heaven both are gated
be careful what you sign
know what everyone is about
retributions sound
end victorious
executions be on blood. they gorey
heavy names in the morning
f-ck yo sorry -ss story
this vibe right here is real n-gg- walk
we’ll stalk said snitch summers sought -ssault
blackened bills
ballistik bold

[bridge 2]
them times when chicken
p-ssy tricks tell the
game as the real thugs
reserve it to be sold

[verse 3]
dove in royalty trapped
wearing the blindfold
lost your v-card at a party
under the influence of
bacardi and your crush
you never snitched
virgin binary
no way around claimin’ you
do the things the way you do
getting ya n-gg- sprung
oral while loading gun
in case of an ambush
smoking on that green kush
links to the burning bush
bets are into the roots
balance attributes
you’ve proven yourself, baby
we’re losing our f-cking brains
warring infinite time
fighting amongst each other
whilst we’re pushing a line
that is pr-ne to drive you insane
relief is in time
to a banger without much
is it worth it
give a n-gg- afterlife
if that is what it is
trust to dust
family tense
looking out for n-gg-s
that we may have to hush
who of us are to say
that we are right
as well as just
it ain’t no time for s-x we
ready up, k!ll the l-st
a lot of traitors poppin’ up
when bread is in the picture
n-gg-s who say they’ll die for you
the same ones in jesus scriptures
k!ll sisters, brothers double-dealing
with the other side of heathens
but your boy ensured they regretted
12 gauging your face to pieces

- idirei lyrics

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