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idontknowjeffery – don’t trust jeffery lyrics

i came over
already hanged over
i go to bed drunk and i’m wakin up slumped n-gg-
my b-tch don’t do no dopin
but she second hand smokin
i’m ridin round ya city with my trunk wide open
police pulled me over
to ask me if i notice
and i dont need no reason n-gg-
i dont need no motive
boy i see you out here boastin
i been broke im broken
so do not be confused when yo sh-t get stolen

n-gg- don’t trust jeffery
i wouldn’t invite him over
i’ll sn-tch the motor out yo f-ckin lawn mower
n-gg- don’t trust jeffery
i rob you for your toaster
im a f-cking pot smoker
i ain’t no f-cking stalk broker
i thought i told you n-gg-

“that n-gg- tried to kill my father”
i thought i told ya

yeah i walk around suspicious
police said i fit description
but i can’t turn myself in
yall gone have to come and get me
i be standin on the corner
high off the sticky
you know i love the reggie
you know i love the soda
im ridin with my soldiers
we got problems with the posers
i dont need exposure
i dont f-ck with the promoters
i turn you girlfriend to a paul wall smoker
he p-ssy ordeinary
and her head is mediocore

n-gg- don’t trust jeffery
i’m grimmy and i’m crooked
i’d be cautious for you caught me
i’d be careful for you book me
n-gg- don’t trust jeffery
i hope you n-gg-s lookin
thought i told you
i thought i told you, n-gg-

- idontknowjeffery lyrics

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