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idontknowjeffery – looky here lyrics

[intro: idontknowjeffery]
it’s like i wish i could rap about something positive
but f-ck it

[verse 1: idontknowjeffery]
i whip my d-ck out in public and pay yo’ b-tch to suck it
i got so drunk out in sonic, the doctors pumped my stomach
my n-gg-s mobbin’ to the corner store like f-cking zombies
i text these out-of-town b-tches like “yo, jeffery comin'”
she get excited cause she know that i’mma keep her blunted
and ask yo momma to let me whip her honda… the whole summer
i know them junkies out in san diego love my music
i’m the reason why these b-tches drug-abusing
hold on

[hook: idontknowjeffery] x2
i gave that b-tch a b-mp
now she love the c-ke
i let her hit my blunt
now all she do is smoke
god d-mn, sucky-sucky
goldie looky here
another memphis b-tch addicted to that crystal clear

[verse 2: goldie rebel]
i told my b-tch “go sell that p-ssy on the f-cking strip
and don’t you talk back to me b-tch, aye watch your f-cking lip”
i got a white b-tch she doin’ c-ke she getting nasty
i heard her family rich, i might just rob her f-cking daddy
i got my n-gg-s out in texas flexin weapons, b-tch they reckless
i got my b-tches out in cali tryna suck my d-ck and stretch it
i got my b-tches out in florida p-ssy gorgeous, wet as water
i got n-gg-s tryna send me packs from all across the border

[hook: idontknowjeffery] x2

- idontknowjeffery lyrics

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