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idontknowjeffery – out the gate lyrics

yeah n-gg-
i don’t know jeffery
free waffle
young thug mixtape
let my n-gg-s out the d-mn penatantry
so i can go back tricking and banking
tired of doing this sh-t alone
need my n-gg-s here

[hook: idontknowjeffery]
they let me out the gate
i’m back smoking (back)
i’m back sipping (back)
old b-tches
still miss me (still)
fake n-gg-s (f-ck em)
no calls no visits i ain’t tripping
cause i’m out the gate n-gg- (i’m out the gate n-gg-)
err thang straight n-gg- (this all good n-gg-)
it’s all good n-gg- (nope, the f-ck)
mothaf-cka i ain’t stressing (no)
and i ain’t learn no d-mn lesson (h-ll naw, n-gg-)

[verse 1: free waffle]
they told me 1 to 5 and i ain’t serve it (nah)
knowing d-mn well that i deserve it (h-ll yeah)
the judge she mad as h-ll (for what)
the jury nervous (for what)
i missed my (?) so i’m going back on purpose (sign me up)
f-ck it give me life
at least 30 (free waffle)
cause i ain’t living right, p-ss dirty

i gave that b-tch a b-mp she act like she allergic
tell the judge to let my n-gg-s out the gate this sh-t is urgent motherf-cka


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