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illmaculate – probable cause lyrics

[chorus] x2
go and get your homies, i don’t need none
and bring guns, ‘cuz you’ll probably need some
the greatest, unstoppable force
and you are about to die and i’m the f-ckin probable cause, so..

you want some sh-t with greg, you better run and get a gage
b-tch, my fingertips are made of f-ckin rusty scissor blades
pop your gat, watch me laugh when it ricochets
call me wack i promise that there’ll be a boxing match in the stage
look at all the men i’ve blazed (no) i ain’t stoppin now (bro)
aim, c-ck and blaow (hoe), game locked it down
i’m propane next to the furnace, in the second i’ll burn this
industries down to collect the insurance
beneath the surface i’m a serpent lurking unnoticed
this is purpose as to feed upon worthless young ???
up close if you even debate it’s my city
you’ll get blades just as quickly like jay did at 50
i’m raising up biggie, big l, pun and pac’s caskets
to remind you pop f-ggots how to drop cl-ssics
stop rapping, my fist could break through boulders
plenty bl–dy nuckles and i’ll dislocate your shoulders

- illmaculate lyrics

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