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infected mushroom – serve my thirst lyrics


serve my thirst

fading away from here
[2x] i’m fading away from here

[shouting] we’re fading away from here.

i’m fading away from here, can’t seem i begin.
even though i’m awake, my body slowly breaks.
feels so cold that i shake, every time i reflect.
these stories i’m writing to verse they sure do serve my thirst.
seems to clear my head, when i’m awake at night.
i pull myself so tight, lying in the dark.
feeling rich with words,
i’m about to draw my thoughts, re planning out my chorus.
i’ll start it all from scratch.

take me away, shattered my hopes today.
nothing kept me on my seat.
oh it ends so tragically for me.

take me away….

- infected mushroom lyrics

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