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iniquity – bloodletting lyrics


[lyrics: meier]

thriving on fear that i instil
restless excursion, in for the kill
smashing a face, violent outburst
inflicting pain, compulsive urge

to your painfilled screams i am immune

seductive coercion rigged to insert pain
threatening domination, your vanity i will maim
feel the rush of this violent compulsion
beating you senseless, my way of subduction
it’s the utter high to look at your rearranged face
raping and beating you until sanity leaves your gaze
as my fury escalates, i need to draw blood
as vitality leaves you in an oozing red flood

bloodred streams from corpses emanate
as my s-d-stic intensions slowly incarnate
feel no remorse for this sickening trend
as this bloodrush hails, i don’t repent

bloodletting occupies the wound
eyes swirling in an agitated state
to your painfilled screams i am immune
as your eyes turn glazed, i suck in your fate

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