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iniquity – desiderated profligacy lyrics


silence lurks the streets of tomorrow
it shall be a glorious day
despised is the way i may follow
impatiens is pushing me to put you away

maintaining the present law protecting myself causing fear,
like a soldier hungry for war controlling you crushing your tears
preparing myself for the battle to come
my weapons are loaded and ready to kill

i wield it in rage, taught to crush the minority

tense in a special way, erection uncontrolled
awaits tournament, our fate is ominous
history won’t forget, this f-cked up government.
i love the democracy, so concrete and merciless

chaos spreads around fulfilling most of my pleasures
negligent as i roar, bodies dropping dead to the ground

aggression no remorse i’ll never stop my disordering,
until i see rivers of blood and victory will be mine:

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