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iniquity – random bludgeon battery lyrics


upside down upheld in wires’ grip
vocal chords severed rasping sound emit
split your sphincter to set free
torrents of blood and sh-t
buzz saw screaming
leather straps sealing
ice pick strikes bloodied eye
severe torture is what is in store
sewer breath cretin yearns for more

eager squirts, turbo outburst
c-mshots dangling, unleashed urge
mongoloid with a goggle-eyes stare
delivers his share of future in your hair

willingly beaten, f-cked and hit
by a twisted mind with no repentance
your bloated heart convulsing stops
join the dirt and feed the crop

suspended body trashed around
random bludgeon battery
beat you till you hit the ground
random bludgeon battery

turmoil of bloodspray covers face
random bludgeon battery
as you clash into a rearranged disgrace
random bludgeon battery

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