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insane clown posse – ain’t yo bidness/soopa villains lyrics

ain’t yo bidness

intro: rude boy sittin’ pancaked on 23’s/clown love to chicago juggalos/we under ground like blaze/my dead homie/and yours/we dead/we dead, no wait a minute…we don’t die!/we don’t die!/we dead.

violent j: maybe i like bl–dy, murder music, you know sh-t like “stab your in’ eye”. maybe i like eatin’ sh-t like tylenol pm’s cause 5 or 6 will get you high. maybe i like punchin’ people i don’t even know, i knock ‘em flat up in’ out (pah). tuck some money in they jacket with a note that simply reads “i had to let some anger out” (sorry). maybe i only hang with weirdos, and hoodlums, and junkies, i keep ‘em by my side (what up?) maybe mama doesn’t understand a friend is hard to come by, so i’ll keep what i can find (my boys). maybe i got 2 felonies, tattoos on my neck, and i always paint my face, can i still date your daughter? i mean i think i outta, i like the way she taste.

sh-ggs 2 dope, violent j, and a gang of juggalos (chorus): ain’t yu bidness/how i act!/ain’t yo bidness/don’t get slapped!/ain’t yo concern/what we do!/less you want yo/face slapped too!

violent j: maybe i don’t even like you, but i gotta front cause you’re a record label guy (mother er!) what if i dragged you by the hair, into the street, and beat your -ss, and put a boot up in your eye (puh! b-tch!) maybe i would rather a missy elliot before a tony…”braxton”. maybe i would rather a macy grey before a janet…”jackson”. maybe i don’t have no self esteem so i like to pick on everybody else. maybe when i was a boy, underneath my shirt i had bruises and welts “oh” (it’s ok). maybe i was hungry, bottom barrel poor, and my mom was always sick. maybe i’m lying, i’m just tryna find an excuse to be a d-ck, i’m a d-ck-d-ck. maybe i’m upset that you left me, i’ll hang myself right above your bed “you should try suicide”, from the ceiling fan, so i’ll be swingin’ when you walk, i might kick you in the head (stook!). maybe i got 7 therapists, i been committed, but my manager he got me free (double a y’all). 18 pills a day, i get so dizzy and high, sometimes i can’t even see, (i gotta sit down).

sh-ggs 2 dope, violent j, and a gang of juggalos (chorus): ain’t yu bidness/how i act!/ain’t yo bidness/don’t get slapped!/ain’t yo concern/what we do!/less you want yo/face slapped too!

soopa villains

syn (intro): esham the boogie man, running with a in’ hatchet. violent j the juggla, and sh-ggy 2 dope the southwest strangler, allegedly. collectively known as…

the ring leader: the soopa villains!!!

esham: super flex, jet super s-x, the boogie man busting the bazooka necks, get wet the soopa villains clock super checks, the juggalo in me will break the bank and your necks.

violent j: it’s the juggala juggalin’, juggalo thuggalin’ thuggalo, scrub ninja, m-th- facko. my axe i keep with me, creep with, sever skulls and creep with.

esham: the southwest strangler super plex, some b-tch through the limo window, super stretch. now i wonder should i shoot ya next, with the super soaker, get ya soaking wet.

violent j: juggaloly, i’ma soopa villain, i’m swinging my swords and i’m all up on the ceiling. i’ma ninja, throw drop kicks, chop necks like sabu, stab you, grab have at you.

esham: soopa villains, making a super hero killing, ya feelings. ready and willing any day i could blow, insane monkey like mojo joe joe.

violent j: citizens don’t talk to the fbi, cause that killa with a shank to ya neck be i. i’m quick to grab the diamonds, bag it, i love batman, but robin’s a f-ggot. (f-ggot)

- insane clown posse lyrics

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