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insane clown posse – deadbeat moms lyrics

[violent j]
b-tch back up cause your dimmin’ my shine
you got nine kids, only two of them mine
i get you cigarettes, weed, pampers, and similac
b-tch start giving back, f-ck hittin’ that
your sh-t loop like a bowl of soup
and every time i’m with you, i’m smelling nothing but baby p–p
you got wic food stamps, and adc
why you still f-cking with me, you dirty scoundrel
and i’ma murder any friend of the court
throw a bomb in they office on the way to the airport
then blast off, catch a flight to another life
five baby mommas every one of them trife? hoes
they won’t stifle, always wanna fight and for what
get the rifle one to her b-tt, pop!
i won’t have it, b-tches won’t fly straight
and i got two more b-tches callin’ sayin’ they late
baby momma blues

deadbeat moms are chasing me ain’t no one on my side
i’m packin all my sh-t up and i’m taking off tonight
b-tch leave me alone

f-ck my baby momma, with that baby drama
callin’ me while i’m in the bahamas with lana and donna
two freaks that i met with the hummer from last summer
anyway b-tch, how’d u get my new number
f-ck my baby momma, she need a new weed?
that b-tch did something that i couldn’t believe
she called up a priest, she called the police
and then called a lawyer and took half of my piece
f-ck my baby momma, i can’t see it like stevie wonder
all i know is when it rains it thunders
my baby momma took me under
f-ck my baby momma, and my thirty kids
don’t tell me bout sh-t that none of them did
to all you deadbeat moms, who be bringin’ the drama
f-ck you in front of the court, and f-ck my baby momma

deadbeat moms are chasing me ain’t no one on my side
i’m packin all my sh-t up and i’m taking off tonight

[sh-ggy 2 dope]
i got the baby momma blues from in my shoes
you don’t love them kids, you only keep them to use
you breathe fire, all your baby daddies are rappers
how that happen?
you got me plottin’ a kidnapping
baby momma, baby momma, baby momma, f-ck off!
all i know, you shoulda just jacked me off
he looks like me, b-tch, he looks just like you
d-mn, just a piece of neden ?
b-tch, i bought you a trailer, it wasn’t enough
you met some punk and he stole your stuff
you wrecked your car they cut off your phone
baby mommas blowin me up
ain’t n-body home!
how much money, just for three kids
i got three other hoes layin’ down they bids
don’t think i wont choke out all 4 of they faces
i got baby mommas in phenomenal places

deadbeat moms are chasing me ain’t no one on my side
i’m packin all my sh-t up and i’m taking off tonight
leave me alone

there you have it, man
these hoes done lost they minds, man
these hoes keep tryin’ to hit a brother with charges
so i just keep on hittin’ them with gauges
you know what i’m sayin’?
these hoes can just jump up off me man
i don’t give a f-ck what the dma say, you hear what i’m sayin?
f-ck what the dma say
i just had another one man
yeah, it’s tryna get me
i don’t know man
i don’t know what they gone do
but if they break up out this..

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