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insane clown posse – jacobs word lyrics

there’s uh. strange [voices]
there’s there’s many many voices in my head many different voices
some are like this [x7]

i hear voices one voice in particular
comes into my mind perpendicular rectangular it’s a strangular
he’s like some kind of mental f-cking mangular i don’t know
he tells me to punch esham and sh-ggz so i punch em i even call twiztid f-gs
they get mad slap me and smear my make-up
i’ve named this evil voice named him jacob
jacob tells me “climb the ladder and jump off head first
on the street don’t worry it’s soft”
so i jump thump i’m on a gurney
jacob laughs at me “your so f-cking nerdy”
f-ck him i hate him i hate him i can’t escape him
i finally get alone he calls me on a telephone {-phone rings-}
“violent j there?” here
“hey this is jacob i want you to p-ss in your underwear ok bud?” sure
i’m p-ssin now it f-ckin tickles
jacob’s dissin again i hear his giggles
after i cut all my fingers off for that motherf-cker i finally had enough
go see a doctor
doc, h-llo
“hi have a seat let’s see uh what is it joe?”
yeah joe bruce my friends call me chucky
“chucky?” – either that or bucky f-ck me!
i’m sorry doc it’s jacob again my names j
“tell me j uh who’s this jacob anyway?”
i f-ckin want him dead it’s a voice in my head
i got a lot of voices but this one’s misled
he tells me to drink toilet water and sh-t
“do ya do it?” – no, yes!
i can’t help it though i can’t stop it
“j, what i want you to do is drop it”
drop what? “your feeling of denial
i mean you’re an -sshole let’s face it jacob he’s got style”
yeah – “you should do exactly what he tells ya”
even stab myself?!
“yeah h-llz yeah”
f-ck man are you sure doc?
“sincerely, now on your way out pay my f-ckin secretary”
wow 300 bucks and i’m cured it’s absurd all i gotta do is wait for the word
now i ain’t heard from ol jacob in while
i’m at home jerkin my d-ck off to gilligain’s island
when bang he popped in – “j what’s up homie?”
where you been jacob dogg it’s been lonely
doc says i should roll witcha let’s do dis
“alright well let’s start off with a gl-ss of ol p-ss”
sure with ice? “no ice!” – nice
“finish up the whole gl-ss and repeat it twice”
all done – “let’s go put your shoes on”
where we goin homie?
“to the graveyard i want you to dig yourself up a girlfriend”
dig up a dead body?
“i won’t say it again! you heard what the doctor said f-ckin do it!”
well f-ck it hand me my shovel and bucket
i dug the b-tch literally i dug her
her skin smelled like burned rubber i f-ckin love her
took her corpse home sat it on the couch
jacob said “now put her foot in your mouth!”
so i did and her toes smelled like fish chunks
that’s been sittin out in the sun for a couple of months
i didn’t care though because jacob told me to
“there’s one more thing that i want you to do”
what’s that?
“lay down in the street and trip a semi wit yo neck”
trip a semi truck? bet!
there i was i’m moving off waitin to get rolled on like a dayton
here it comes i stuck my f-ckin head out
like this jacob?! – “yeah! pow!”
i’m in critical i got minutes left i end up fightin
with death why did the doctor tell me to listen to him!
i’m laid up about to die screw him!
pick up the phone {-phone rings-}
“h-llo?” – hi it’s me j that one fat goofy weirdo
yeah listen i’m about to die why did you tell me to follow his word?!
“cuz he’s a don-mega and you’re a nerd”
well i hear you on that much okay
but what kind of f-ckin doctor are you anyway!
i mean your telling me i’m nothing but a scrub!
“i thought you knew homie – this is doctor jacob!”
oooohh i get it everybody have a laugh
i’m nothing but a sick h-m-getic mental path
i died right then and there i was never cured
i lived a sh-tty life all thanks to jacob’s word

(mumbling) that mother

i didn’t say nothin
“bull sh-t b-tch!”
i didn’t say anything!
how you gonna tell me i’m in your head b-tch!”
i was gonna compliment you
“but i heard everything!”
well get out of my f-ckin head!
“f-ck yours instead”
get out of my f-cking head alright! my f-cking head
“that’s right my head too my head too!”
you don’t got your own f-ckin head! i’m not running around in your f-cking brain!
“cuz i ain’t got one b-tch”
f-ck you!
“eat your leg”
i’m sorry
“eat your leg”
i’m sorry not my leg
“eat it b-tch”
leave my leg alone
“eat it”

- insane clown posse lyrics

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