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insane clown posse – let a killa fuck you lyrics

let a killa f-ck youi see you hoes on tv glamorous models super celebritiesroles royce fine wines and cl-ssyou need to come down to the hood let me spank (that) -ssi want a famous hoe, a b-tch on top with some h-lly bank rolei been chasing a girl from letters to cleobut she broke her knee though, mariah carry man forget itif o.d.b hit it i cant f-ck wit it!nothing against old dirty or nothing buti know he at least got herpes or somethingi wouldn’t mind f-cking brittany spearsin a cheap hotel wit them ceiling mirrorswit that b-tch in a couple of weeksi’d have her hooked on crack rock working the streetsall them hoes fantasize about juggalo scrubsin between they thighsbut they too scared to let it beso instead they f-ck ricky martin and pretend it’s me!huh? lets see were to begin knock knock(whose there ) a ball sac for your chini be f-cking them business hoes (at jobs? )from them interns up to the presidents wifenow sh-lly ain’t famous but i still put’em in (the buck? )(leave the glitz & glamour to) j, i don’t give a f-ckbut clyde walked in his jaw dropped downact like he never seen the b-tt cheeks of a clowni had the secretary on the top of the desk-ss hole naked, i was in the cigar chestsmoking up (cuban) blunts with the janitorf-cked all them hoes that (job) ask my managerbusiness women in executive hallslet your head down an tongue slap my b-llssome of them b-tches are a little bit olddusty -ss neden with a loopy foamlike this one chick i f-cked in the darki had the b-tch moaning like a happy -ss r-t-rdwe finished turn on the lights it was horridoh sh-t sharon ozbourn!i wanna f-ck carmen electracuz she’ll f-ck anybody first day she met yabut as soon as she fall off the mapshe on to the next guy like high babylet me f-ck a famous hoe one nighti’ll post the video up on our web site(hehhe) me an sh-ggy might sit with the starsbut my boys are out back break-in into your carsdumb hoes quite f-ckin them richeeswit silky shirts on turtle neck d-ckeysfrenchies straight out the hair salonwith a f-ggot -ss name like jeanwe the ones from the other side yellin(clown love b-tch !!) i’m the ghetto ridei wont take you on the expensive trip’sbut i’ll part yo neden lips(hehhe) people whanna ride wit dem or usjaguar with ken or a simple busf-ck you den we don’t need you hoesi.c.p forever with the juggalos

- insane clown posse lyrics

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