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insane clown posse – oldie but goodie – esham lyrics

i met this little girlie
her p-ssy hairs was curlie
the way that b-tch sucked off my d-ck
i busted my nut early
she asked me for some mo’d-ck
and started suckin mo’ d-ck
i said relax you freaky b-tch and sit yo’ -ss up on it
her momma’s in the kitchen
her daddy’s watchin the game
i got this b-tch all knocking sh-t off shelves and screamin my name
b-tch you take this d-ck up
and pay me for that weed
you can’t just smoke my sh-t up, get some d-ck, and tell me to leave
yo’ little sisters watchin
i think that b-tch is hot
i know shes just a yongin’ but i’m good for what shes got
shes peeping through the keyhole
i f-cked that b-tch in the b-tt, in the backseat of yo’ daddy’s geo
i stole yo’ momma’s vicodin
i know she just had surgery
but, i was so quick in and out of that purse
that b-tch never head of me
i would try f-ckin yo’ momma
but that b-tch is just so fat
i seen that b-tch step on a dollar bill and leave four quarters flat

(chorus-rude boy)
how many b-tches need to know this name(boogieman)
check yo’ ouija board, this ain’t no game(esham)
eastside hoes and money all night with this boogieman you’ll be alright(boogieman)

b-tch i want a piece of that cookie
and b-tch i want it for free
popular b-tches get they little p-ss-es popped
like brent bocker f-ckin with me
i smack yo’ -ss up
you don’t roll that gr-ss up
and after i’m done, iwant those panties gone
cause b-tch i’m tearin that -ss up
i’m mashin down gratiot, gay bashin
necks i’m slashin
haul -ssin
wicked sh-t never gets spun
thats why we get clever, get guns
i pull a dj out of his pj’s
it was e&j with the soopa villans
and b-tch wake me with brains
and maybe i’ll losein yo’ chains
cause b-tch you know you will never change
you seen more d-ck than hanes

-break- (x2)
what are we gonna do with all these hoes
smack me up a b-tch i suppose
hurry up b-tch, and jump out ya clothes
you about to have d-ck commin out yoa nose

i met this girl named j-lo
jimmy-hat on my d-ck like a sombrero
when i rawed her, she said te quiero
then i was out like a human tornado
you might see me in the streets of motown
pushin crack to my hoes like bobby brown
oprah please come and slob me down
i’ll be like steadman(?), how do ya like me now?
i got a big d-ck for you hoes to lick
i don’t trick b-tch but take ya bank and split
beyonce,thats why i’m f-ckin kelly
in the backseat of a chevy, after nelly
mich-lle p-ssy just to smelly
so we threw out the telly
oh really?
don’t be actin silly
hoes b-ttnaked, ya’ll know the drilly

how many b-tches need to know this name(boogieman)
check yo’ ouija board, this ain’t no game (esham)
eastside hoes and money allnight
with this boogie man you’ll be alright(boogieman)

- insane clown posse lyrics

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