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insane clown posse – southwest song lyrics

southwest song

“good people sometimes think bad things
good people dream bad things don’t you
good people even do bad things
once in a while we do”

[violent j]
factory smoke and choke in pain
cuz del ray funk is in my brain
so i break the law but i’m not to blame
you only know my place you don’t know my name

[sh-ggy 2 dope]
well i grip the fence and bent the steal
and i steal a car and i grip the wheel
and i park the car then i steal it again
cuz i really don’t know what’s happening

[violent j]
i wait for night to fall then i walk outside
and then i run back in cuz i don’t wanna die
you see, the air alone, it can corrupt your brain
as smoke fills the sky enough to block the rain

[sh-ggy 2 dope]
and i pray to god to help me justify
look over me cuz my brain is fried
and i don’t have a name, i don’t have a home
i just lay alone on my bed of stone

[violent j]
you see, death awaits me on my narrow path
and when i stop to think i can only laugh
because i’m not alone, it didn’t take me long
to see everybody singing that southwest song

[chorus (2x)]
wooooooo oh we-oh
everybody singing that southwest song

[violent j]
some say i’m real and some say i’m fake
but i really don’t care cuz it’s all too late
you see, my mind is weak and i’m losing breath
as i crawl along i can feel the death

[sh-ggy 2 dope]
everywhere i go i bring with me pride
and then i pay the carny and i take a ride
but see, the wheel is wicked and it spins me death
so i try it again with what pride is left

[violent j]
if we have to go then you can take me fast
you see, i started under and i’m sinking fast
and when the joker’s card is missing from your deck
then you know the road has finally caught my neck

[sh-ggy 2 dope]
eh, yo, don’t look, now, there we go again
it’s me and the grim reaper, best of friends
he’s always hanging round waitin for me to die
we shot a game of pool, he’s not a bad guy

[violent j]
i feel him in the corner of a circled room
at about thirteen in the afternoon
and then i see the strain as i walk along
i notice everybody singing that southwest song

[chorus (2x)]

what does seem bad to you?
i’m angry…
what does seem bad to you?
i’m angry…
everybody singing that southwest song

[violent j]
if my time has come, then i’m ready to go
shoot me in the face with your forty-four
and when i’m falling down to my soury death
i’ll laugh with my very last breath (hahaha)

[sh-ggy 2 dope]
lose some, win some, that’s how it goes
i’ve been down and out, i took many blows
and there ain’t nothing here i ain’t seen before
i’m just a jugglin juggla jugglin more

[violent j]
you wanna see the world, you wanna run the town
you wanna meet a girl and wanna settle down
you wanna start a family and ya own a home
i wanna run with a set from the ghetto zone

[sh-ggy 2 dope]
you see the forks up, i see the forks down
but i’m a wicked clown, so don’t f-ck around
cuz my brain is gone and it’s on it’s way
i’m exploding, so get off me, dog!

[violent j]
and i could be right and i could be wrong
and if i ain’t dead now then it won’t be long
but it does not matter what set you on
tonight everybody sings that southwest song

[chorus (6x)]

“what seems bad to you?
is h-tting other kids?”

- insane clown posse lyrics

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