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insane clown posse – the intro/into the light lyrics

the intro

a presence can be felt by those who have followed the epic saga as told by the insane clown posse. it is a presence that is synonymous with the crumbling of time itself. thus emerges a being so powerful that he can exist between both the land of the living, and that of the dead. he goes by many names but is known to the living only as the wraith. he walks upon worlds forgotten, and descends from heavens; fade into grey to witness the death of all mortal things, so that he may guide the departed upon the path they have chosen (shangri-la). here is the story of the path to shangri-la, the 6th jokers card. only mow will we truly understand the meaning of the saga, for this saga all along, each jokers card, is actually none other than…the echo of our lives.

into the light

the carney: hurry up, show’s startin’!

the random patron: i can’t believe they’re still having it! i better get my b-tt in there right now!

the ring leader: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the sensational and amazing…carnival of carnage! they said it couldn’t happen, they said it wouldn’t last, but boys and girls and everyone we’ve got a carnival for that -ss! tens of thousands of freaks, sideshows, and fools, a carnival who together lives by their own rules.

sh-ggs 2 dope: we looked into the stars, foretold everyone: something dark and wicked this way comes. we told of oddities, crawling from the dark, and a carmival which we can all belong (all belong). i dwell upon the streets, and i can tell you this: i see some circus juggalo sh-t goin on. people drawn together by rare and scrubby music, and we even gather once a year to put it down!

syn, sh-ggs 2 dope, and violent j (chorus): with tilt-a-whirls and merry-goes’, and carnivals of faygo, we’re just trying to tell you all about the light, right. now all the jokers cards have fallen with spectacular array, so when the wraith is calling, walk into the light, right.

violent j: i hold a bl–dy axe dress in hatchet red, we speak languages people don’t understand (don’t understand). i send faygos via punted clear across the stadium in fashion only in’ juggalos could ever demand. i got ninjas in my backyard wearing anybody killa paint, i’m thinkin’, “what the f-ck is going on?” (thinkin what the f-ck is going on) then i see the platinum on the wall, and i realize the carnival’s been right here all along, so let’s bring it on!


sh-ggs 2 dope and violent j: the crows have overlooked, we gave you all they gave, the carousel will spin on through the night (through the night). in oz i’d be the wizard, ’cause i’m overwhelmed, but we just hoped the jokers cards would point you out to the light/so you’ll be tight/right.


- insane clown posse lyrics

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