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insane clown posse – the smog lyrics

no, you ain’t getting none, b-tch. this sh-t costs money. oh, hey.hey, kiddies. how are you like the ride thus far? blah.excellent. this next one is about that sh-t that comes out of thesewers and pipes and chokes your neck. it’s called the smog.ahahahaha!the smog is coming…aw sh-t, here it comes, creeping through the cracksthe nooks, the crannies, hittin’ smackit’s filling up my head, i gotta get it outi got me a plan to get the sh-t outpulled out an ice pick to pick the b-tch upsmackin it, pushin it in my ear, f-cklord, oh please, what’s happenin’ to me? it’s the poisonous air from the smoke stacks, gseaping in my head, f-ckin’ up my braindriving me crazy, nuts, insanesewer sl-t, g, greasy slimei’m always bucking with father timecuz he’s my motherf-cking enemy number onetry to potcher up my life by fillin up my lungsthe sh-t you call air, but i call it deathcuz it makes me choke and lose my breathmy toes begin to curl, my fingers start to foldgot drool on my lips and my body’s gettin’ colddon’t know what to do, so now i start to panicbut it’s too late, i’m dead, the smog got me, f-ck itthe smog is coming…another cloudy, it’s raining, but not waterit’s raining oil out the sky, i think i outtamake a run but i slipped on an oil slicki can’t move, i think i broke my f-ckin’ neckit’s no surprise, i’m laying there paralyzedlooking up into the sky helped me realizeabout us, the clouds form a devil’s faceit must be a mirror image of the human raceoh sh-t, here it comes, the deadly smogi can tell by the howl of the stray dogthe air is calm, the streets are so stillwhen the smog creeps out the pipes for a killbroken neck, i’m chilling cuz i’m a goneri can see the smog creepin around the corneri lay still and hope it doesn’t notice meoh sh-t sh-t, f-ck f-ck, sh-t, glooking up, just to see it’s deadly jawsi think i, i think i, i think i sh-t my drawersbut it’s okay, the smog left me aloneso i lay and watch the clouds turn into stonethey come crashing down over del rayone even landed on your homeboy violent jand i’m dead, crushed me in a split secondso if i’m dead, what the f-ck am i doing on this record? the smog is herethe smog is coming…thoughts in my head (of a clown)…thoughts in my heada dead body laying in his housefor three weeksuntil his neighborscomplain about the smelldidn’t he have anybodyto know he was deada serial killerdecided to kill himselfbefore he actually killed someone elsewas that good? thoughts in my headan ocean of bloodand with the bombs droppingit causes tidal wavestidal waves that paint the town redredeverybody’s deadthoughts in my headof mothers and fatherslook at meand i can feel the hatred in their eyesand it’s coldtheir childrenare nothing but them in the futureexcept itthoughts in my headwhen sitting on her porchbald headedfrom a disease she fought from the airthe air that we breathethe air we breathe is f-cked upit’s f-cked upthoughts in my headall people wanna kill mebut you can’t kill mecuz if you kill mei’ll be back to kill youi will do it againthoughts in my heada sixteen year-old little f-ckin punksitting in his cl-ssroomdrawing a gang sign on a folderhe lives in birmingham hillswhat the f-ck do you know about love? thoughts in my headpeople despise me and hate meand they don’t know mei hate you tooso it’s all goodit’s all goodthoughts in my headthis societythat is so f-cked upthat is so evilthat if somebody praysthey get made fun ofthey get laughed atbut it’s not gonna be funnythey won’t be laughingwhen the bombs dropand the town is redthoughts in my head…

- insane clown posse lyrics

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