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insert remedy – through confusion lyrics


falling, descending from grace
emptiness-in filth cure means deceit
i’m waiting for salvation
and the dead shall reign beside me

so run, as past builds our fate
tethered and bound
heartache and blood
and fear i can’t hide

kill the thrill to be free
suppress my heart
collapsing itself

in dreams of truth
i loath and defile

in profound confusion blessed desire…
oh, it wakes…and quakes
tidalwaves of godlike p-ssion fray…
and then fade

if love was my crest and a means to survive,
existing only in self-righteous lies
now, with fury i degrade my kind
within bitter strength resides
my god in me
waiting for this cleanliness to
flee from me

i, a key that unlocks the cage
also the one with which demons are made

(after such a time in perfect union,
all these opposing forces tear me to shreds.
kneeling at the altar of disgust i realize
how deep the abyss i’m staring into, is.)

malice, bleed the weak
-curse every creed, prayer, empathy swollen
taste h-ll-the only way to

push, and pull you aside
push, until you bide
pump, and grow me inside
pump, until i crack

religion is weak
religion thrills the weak

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