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insert remedy – towards letting go lyrics


i feel it growing across my skin, how all hate is worn weak and thin
dive, part with ocean and sink in the sky, my time is nigh

i, my vision is clearing
i, a tool of creation
why then do i choose to keep fearing
a god without wonders

i’m closer and closer and so sure this time
it’s over and older than stars in the night
the spiral has uncoiled-i’m bathing in light

agonizing.shards inside the loom-lines of my whole life…
i’ve hidden a trap to bind me tight

to hold and slay the bait and prey
between the hammer and the anvil

slipped out through the open wound of coveting in me
the pressure of avoiding all, a monolith beneath
i will not stay where secrets lie and blessings grow and grin
ignoring all these human sides i give my spirit wings

fresh, newborn, core
flesh, old form, torn
pulse, beating, wild
soul, greeting, wide

from harm

open wounds and humble mind,
seeking truth inside

i, will make it clear this time
by now the struggle is gone

i, emanc-p-te and suffocate
i, beyond and beside

silent i have become
a prison without anyone to guard

pure in heart, i bend
and build no barriers within
the resolution’s mine
a (r)evolution urging me
expanding my threshold unwillingly

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