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invictus – depression – part 2 lyrics


born in 1900, born to be a man
my smile is my disguise, but inside angry and sore
i think i might go crazy, i am feeling kind a weak
i want to be alone, i am ready for death

i press the knife into my wrist
and i hear my blood pour out

as the stars come out
need to meet a god
i am lost in my own world
there is nowhere to hide
no hope in my life
i like to taste pain
my fear is your fear
there is nowhere……nowhere to hide!

once again i’m praying, ’cause i’m looking for a god
i need someone to trust, i try to clear my mind
i need some time to think, my mind is going blank
like a tear down on my face, i am on a road to death

- invictus lyrics

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