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invictus – since the day lyrics


since the mournful day she died
i’ve committed no crime
i’m living with my black heart
huddled up like a child

gold dust underneath my feet
i’ll reach heaven’s gates
i’m living by the black light
i sense the smell of blood

i remember her dress of blood
my face drowning in there
just screaming in the black night
praying not to be there

heartache, pain – all that remain
it’s raining in my heart
i can still hear their sad barks
of the dogs of h-ll

i can’t turn around
death’s ghost is behind
i can’t go away
i need to cast off my bonds
i can’t live

i can play
by the devil’s rules
but i can’t like a game
when the dice are loaded
by a s-d-stic cheater
i can play with madness
but i can’t bring her back
back to life…

my heart spills out all over the floor
i don’t want to live anymore
i only stay in the dark
i cry every blessed day

i won’t say that i’m innocent
but i’ve paid for my crimes
i have explored my dark side
i’m very close to death.

- invictus lyrics

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