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itsthereal – just to make dough lyrics

[intro: lil jon}
yeah, motherf-ckers! (yeah!)
itsthereal, b-tch! (b-tch!)
lil jon, b-tch!

[hook: itsthereal]
i make raps
just to make dough
just to make liquor
just to make clothes
just to make movies
which pays more dough
and now i’m rich, fly, and drunk
and i forgot how to rap

[verse 1: eric rosenthal]
i’m retiring before my first release date
rap was a building block, but now i f-ck with real estate
working construction, yeah, that’s how i raise the roof
i’m out there selling alcohol, it’s called recession proof
i’m not a rapper, go ahead and check my taxes
i got a masters in cutting, i’m teaching cl-sses
i do this for my mother’s hair, now it relaxes
building closets, they got racks and racks and rackses
clothing line crazy: ron artest fleece
match my purple and gold metta jesus piece
i’m the grand cherokee, designing custom jeeps
drove my talents all the way down to south beach
turned nothing into stunting; ego self made
steady drinking on that itsthereal kool-aid
oh yeah, i’m a man of many hats
i’m into selling out, not into selling raps

[hook: itsthereal]

[verse 2: jeff rosenthal]
f-ck rapping, dog; rapping is for rappy rappers
man, i’m just an actor
make movies, make money, then screw it
make time for someone else to do it
selling out’s an art form, i’m in the louvre
i’m just proving i’ve got nothing else to prove-ah
got a clothing line that everyone should know about
got a red wine everyone bordeauxs about
f-ck h-llman’s, man, i’m grey poupon
shouldn’t let me on the plane, my shoes are the bomb
see me tweeting and i’m looking verified
no matter where i go, i got a check by my side
i’m retired, hang my jersey in the rafters
forget rapping; cash is what i’m after
being so clear as i make my great escape…
enjoy the rest of the mixtape!

[hook: itsthereal]

[outro: lil jon]
bye, b-tches
bye, b-tches!
rich, fly, drunk
i could still rap though

- itsthereal lyrics

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