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j. venom – arson lyrics

it’s not over. everybody betrayed me. i’m fed up with this world

[verse 1]
rhyming and there’s no stopping
until that’s coffin’s dropping
step to venom man, that point is f-cking moot
rhymes like crack b-tch, i spit the f-cking truth

meet me in the booth, we’ll exchange obscenities
ya’ll know me, fingers up to my enemies
f-ck em all man, this sh-t’s getting old
pressure makes diamonds but you have to have that f-cking coal

you are tearing me apart lisa!

[verse 2]
spitting coal so hot it’d light ya f-cking barbecue
when i’m slaying on the beat i’m just like “who the f-ck are you?
burning all these f-cking beats, indict my -ss for arson

if i got a cold disposition man, i’m f-cking sorry
opposites attract, and if you burn too long your heart will harden
and your soul will start to f-cking darken
but that’s the price of being the very best
venom on the track b-tch and i annihilate the rest

(laughter) what a story mark!

- j venom lyrics

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