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j fela – fuck ryan kavanaugh lyrics


[intro: ethan klein ()]
so i got a call from my lawyer yesterday
with the great news, that
not only did we win, but we got a hundred percent of the attorneys fees back ()

[verse: j fela ()]
let me tell you a little story
it’s sad but true
it’s about your boy kav kav and brad the bull
my wife wants it every night, morning and afternoon
i know she’s my wife, but bradley you can have her too
cause there’s a few things i treasure in life
ponzi schemes, suing ethan and brad f+cking my wife
bankrupting companies and paying for likes
and if once ain’t enough, thеn f+ck it, man, i’m suing him twice
hey, ryan, what’s for breakfast? a wеt and reckless?
let’s sue him a third time, i haven’t learnt my lesson
as if you didn’t make enough of a first impression
they call him cuck cause up ain’t his direction
get slandered in the media, at home in bed like
dear wikipedia, they’re writing mean things that ain’t true, but they really are
plus there’s this guy named throast, but don’t be alarmed ()
let’s talk about paying your talents and claiming bankruptcy
and [?]
and by the way man, shame on your stylist
that sh+t foul, some would say it’s the foulest
you’re 47, why you dress so childish?
triller, this thing flipped
and don’t get me started on why your jeans got sequence
you’re a f+cking millionair, get your t++th fixed
can’t even pay you nanny, man that kavy a cheap b+tch
[outro: j fela]
harvey weinstein looking ass b+tch
p. diddy said n0body f+cking with triller
what the f+ck you gon do?
bankrupt that company too?
lil b+tch
you know what we call that sh+t?
man, we call that sh+t fraud man