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j-little – resurrection lyrics


you say you know my life…..
but like most things…
it’s only a peek
k!ll ‘em j

both of ‘em my mother and father naw they didn’t want me
they left me to die without sayin i’m sorry
brain movin’ so fast like a godd+mn bugatti
i’m smokin’ the weed and not poppin’ the molly
i’d rather be real than a fake santa, jolly
remember the past like the beaver, no wally
i’m skatin on wheels then i’m poppin’ an ollie
touched as a kid and yea buddy i’m trippin’
and what’s in your cup, is it coffee, i’m sippin’
not f+ckin’ wit gin or the b, i be rippin’
i’m ready to die like the gangs, are you crippin
daughter is gorgeous, i’m thankful forever
she kinda like me, a loud mouth, but still clever
i do this for her and the friends that surround her
if the girls outta line, best believe that i’ll ground her
comin’ up fast and i’m fallin’ off slow
i’m eatin the mushrooms, i’m sniffin’ the blow
and it makes me feel better, the world f+ckin’ crazy
you can call me a lot, but you can’t call me lazy
ya’ll skatin by but chya best be prepared
and a lot of ex+girlfriends and one’s name was claire
and she taught me a lot and her skin was so fair
but i ripped out her heart, ridin’ horses, a mare
verse number two and it’s comin’ like rarri’s
cuz china’s a prison, big fence, kinda barrey
i’m hoppin’ from planets, oh yea, kinda starry
twin engine mcclaren, it’s clashy, nice carry
wanna give up cuz the demons are swimmin’
ju jitsu effect, ufc with no pinnin’
im callin the shots, operator, we finnin’
we gonna keep goin’ not losin’, we winnin’
thoughts are so dark, you should see ‘em, they’re black
oh please f+ckin’ k!ll me, a bullet inside my mac
i can’t take it no more, i agree, kinda wack
but you step in my boots, kinda rugged, not flat
not needin’ your girl, cuz i’m f+ckin’ the world
i be slappin’ that ass while she suckin’ my pearls
cuz you think you’re the best, twisted ice cream, a swirl
and i’ll fire myself, cuz you’re weak, what whirl
keep comin’ at chya that’s right, i’m not finished
i’m suckin’ those titties, nice milk, kinda skimmish
kardashian booty, oh yea, kinda kimmish
not playin’ no games, harry potter, no quiditch
joe bi’en and xi yep they’re both the same people
keep dumbin’ us down and we turn into sheeple
take advantage of children, their minds are so feeble
you’ll have to pay for your crimes, yea just wait for my sequel
f+ckin’ hate most of you, you’re up in my way
please just give me your wife, give me time, let me slay
if not, that’s alright, give me money i’m pay
celebrity status, in china, “i’m made”
most people alive are a real kind of fake
it’s one way to your face, turn around, it’s a shake
and i know it’s your birthday, i bought you a cake
and it tastes like your girl, what’s her name, motivate?, yah!
oh, you thought i was done?
i’m just getting’ started
ya’ll ready for another?
let me mic drop this mother+f+cker
k!ll ‘em j

comin’ back in and this is for the people
who love unity, naw not church, not a steeple
the one’s who put out with not one expectation
who unfortunately die of the wrong condemnation
don’t wanna explain my rapport with the devil
i sold him my soul and he gave me a medal
you lookin’ real shakey, small pot, yea a kettle
you blowin’ your top cuz i made the next level
hatin’ on me cuz i’m pushin’ the limits
i’m spittin’ this fire, i can hear how you mimic
when i speak, it’s a roar, when you speak, it’s a cricket
keep jerkin’ ya d+ck, let me know when you finish
takin’ a break, i’ll be back in a minute
just k!llin’ this beat, like a rabbit, let’s skin it
the party is over, no drinkin’, just bin it
apocalypse now, tnt, gawn and rig it

that’s a wrap…..
i told you i wasn’t f+ckin’ jokin’
i’m here for life, b+tch
ya’ll ready?
lez get it