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j. mcedwins – thank god lyrics


even though you only see me in the night time, i’m still glad i see the daylight!
thank god! thank god!
thank god! hm
thank god! thank god!

[verse 1]
i can only thank god
for everything i got (got, got, got, got)
and for everything i am annd that im not (not, not, not, not)
use to think i’d never move outta the box (box, box, box, box)
so believe me, this is goes way beyond what i thought (yeah)

different phases, different faces
no, same people, different places
whoa, how you stay the same in different stages
i’m writing chapters, you’re just flipping pages
looking to express myself in different ways (hm)
and tell a story about a quest for better days (hm)
while you’re only looking to get to the next phase (hm)
there’s someone looking at you with the greatest gaze (hm)

thank god! thank god!
thank god! thank god! (x2)

[verse 2]
i fear no evil, while i walk through the valley of death
god’s child and a sinner share the same breath
i’ve seen a lot of people get lost in the abyss
ignorance is still bliss, so ill never miss
all the trust that was taken by l-st and better of us
and vanity and greed that was planted by a seed way too deep inside of us
(yeah, all of us)
let’s make that twist, no oliver
let’s make that flip, snap out of it
i see that pressure, back out of it
i’ve seen worse people get out of it
might step inside the booth
just to tell you the truth, that
if you let it all out
you going make it out the roof
and you might be great before you go “poof”

[piano bridge]
just focus on the snakes on the gr-ss taking chances at any time
just pave your own way, run your own lane and take your own time
glad i’m not the stereotypical black men with a prior
not a dime to my name in pocket
but my soul still feeling like richard pryor
thank god!


thank god! thank god!
thank god! thank god! (x2)