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j1hunnit - whats yo sign lyrics


(goldie sound)

[verse 1]
i like ’em all but it ain’t nothin’ like a taurus woman
they give her real deep love, the kind you get from your mama
easy to fall in love with, hard to get away from it
i felt my first heartbreak from one, i still feel hurt from it
i love a scorpio b+tch, the freakiest woman
she like to f+ck more than me, she just takin’ it from me
by far the best p+ssy i done had if we bein’ one hundred
i wouldn’t mind payin’ to get the fat transferred from your stomach
but don’t n0body come as crazy as a leo woman
the most stubborn of ’em all, it ain’t easy to f+ck ’em
lil’ independent+ass b+tch, she don’t need me for nothin’
if i leave her, always tryna argue, make up and f+ck me
this b+tch know she look good, you can’t tell her nothin’
but i think i get the sweetest taboo from sagittarius lovin’
a real easy goin’ girl, we don’t argue in public
she don’t even blow up my phone when i’m out gettin’ money

i don’t even know which i love the most, i think love ’em all equally, you know what i’m sayin’?
if i could marry all of ’em, i would
[verse 2]
it ain’t nothin’ like a gemini b+tch, they like to keep you in drama
it’s really two sides to them hoes, i done seen both of ’em
sh+t’ll go from good to real bad quick, i wouldn’t trust none of ’em
i don’t like when hoes get evil to get even, i don’t put up with [?]
i’m a pisces man, i think i wanna go try a lil’ taurus
sp+ce sayin’ we compatible, let me know if you for it
i don’t like to do sh+t but get money, baby, call me borin’
i ain’t lyin’, i think i’m still scorin’ for my capricorn
she used to pull her phone out, record, and make a p+rn
the ones born in february really be havin’ me torn
always threaten to leave me high and dry ’cause i can’t conform
my aquarius ain’t tryna hear that sh+t, she want a ring for sure
my cancer was a dancer, comin’ in at the early morning
i used to wake up, let her in and help count the ones
i love my virgo b+tch, she really one of them ones
she the real beyoncé type, the million dollar lungs

love all y’all the same, you know what i’m sayin’? i can’t help it
i don’t know if that make me selfish or what, you know what i’m sayin’?
ain’t n0body showed me different, you know

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