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jack hardy – the changing wind lyrics


[verse 1]
as i set out across the sea my fortune for to find
thoughts upon the vanity of all i’d left behind
one who said she’d wait for me if ever i came home
one who said she’d follow me wherever i did roam

[verse 2]
oh, and letters are the currency of hearts who are far away
i waited for the longest time for what this heart would say
oh, and i would ne’er repeat the words that in these letters came
that dashed my hopes and tore my heart each time i read again

[verse 3]
oh, and foreign tongues are cursed tongues when one is so unsure
but distance is a greater cure if one can just endure
for the ocean is the enemy of fire and of ice
and a secret is a story that never is told twice

[harmonica solo]

[verse 4]
and oh, the wind, the changing wind that waits to bring me home
upon the eve of my return i sit and drink alone
and i curse the day that e’er i strayed, that turned this heart to stone
and i drink a toast to all who boast of living on their own



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