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jadakiss – international lyrics


[verse 1: jadakiss]
transform to the man about the thug
you know i’m dead serious, about your love
it ain’t no secret, to how real i’m gon’ keep it
you the only one i sleep with
you know where the money stashed at, that’s deep sh+t
sit downs, nice talks, able to eat with
bless you baby, i ain’t tryna stress you, baby
but our bond is special, baby
yeah, come on
[verse 2: teedra moses]
i keep thinking that
maybe one day, things will change
i pray they stay the same
your love feels like
a joy i’ve never known
[?] come around
and they’re saying they’re in love with me
but i don’t really care about all of that
with you, i know
you’re gonna hold my heart cause
you’re for real
about my love
you’re gonna [?] me
you’re gonna make me fall in love
[?] want you too
boy, and i want you too
just promis me you won’t break my heart
it’s t
first, i was hesitent
so tired of all of the games people play
but you persisted and
now i know
where i want to be
[?] holla at me
i don’t care about it at all, cause when i
boy, when i’m with you
it feels so real
boy, you’re so real
[verse 3: jadakiss]
a good lady is hard to come by
i ain’t tryna break your heart, i’ll leave that for the young guys
i’m just tryna make you fall in love
not halfway either, all in love
everything that come with it, all the above
we ain’t just gon’ do it, we gon’ do it up
he kid [?] ill, you know the deal
no matter how it go down, know you’re for real