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jaden smith – give it to ’em lyrics


give it to ’em

ah, i said ah
said ah
i like this, ah

hot spinner of the century
said you wanna had bar,
so elected me
young black with accessories
and i’m doing well,
never seen a penitentiary
cause they can’t sentence
the greatest mc they ever seen
no i’m not, but if you gon’ bother me
then you better be

still got a couple me
still in elementary
talk about them blow
eh, let them be

just 13, tryin’ to live my life
got in trouble for it once,
but i just did it twice

man there goes will’s kid
walking in the hilton
and my name’s jaden,
get it right

but hommie i’m just trying to spread some light
ah so i can got to sleep at night
cause right now i’m really restless
flirting with my extras
worryin’ bout who was on the guest list
who’s right through where next is

it’s a compet-tion
cause i’m surely gon’ wreck this
ah, ain’t no doubt about it
it’s always at the top
so all them jokers read bout it

all these people crazy
this room is gettin’ so crowded
that’s just because we are famous
and you don’t know nothing bout it
ah, nothing has a price tag
in the back of my car
shimmers all say i like that

you can take the fame
only just give the mic back
after you spit your optional verse
cause they might clap
yeah girl i know you like that
jaden i’m a young boy
killing on the right track
yeah got some tricks up my sleeve
they were nice raps
i just wanna be there
when you takin’ off that night cap
yeah so call me when you wanna kick it
i’ll be with my tail
livin’ how all the bosses live it
probably everyday i’ll buy and sing
but the cost is different

louie is the tail
but i gotta rock the constants with this
stay here at the heart
heart is at the soul
l-sting for these women,
that’s the hardest to control
and if you met me once
i’m no modest, i’m just cold
i’m so hot the sun is old
i ain’t honest, i’m just bold
give it to ’em
miss-fits, tell them i’m outta here