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jaewon – living free lyrics


verse 1:
good morning world – (it’s) time to wake up //
to a brand new day, feeling great – yup! //
that’s right, baby, show ’em what you’re made of //
and i’m a do the same, put my feelings on the paper //
but before i transcend the limitations //
allow me to send an invitation //
to (all of) my enemies and friends who’ve been awaiting //
this moment, (i want to) thank you for your patience //
thank you for providing the energy //
that i need to survive in this industry //
forward with a smile ’cause i’m living free //
finally, now that i’m on a winning streak //
you better believe that i’ve paid my do’s //
got caught (up) in the storm but i made it through //
then i came back in my favorite shoes //
now i’m a let ’em talk about it while i make my moves… (c’mon!!)//

this is where the journey starts //
keep on following your hearts //
maybe this is just a dream //
but it’s my way of living free //
if this is where the story ends //
i have no regrets my friend //
maybe this is just a dream //
but it’s my way of living free… //

verse 2:
true story – you see, i went from the stoop to the stage //
stepped up, grabbed the mike and it blew ’em away //
exceeded every expectation that they had //
prejudiced fools with their heads in the sand //
were forced to wake up to a new beginning //
of unchained melodies, moving rhythms //
and a star shining to fill the vacancy //
in the hearts of the people, it’s plain to see //
that i’ve got my own plans and ambitions //
not sure what they are, but a man on a mission //
nontheless, always handling my business //
never going to quit… now can i get a witness? //
nowadays i just lock and load //
and i’m a chase that bread ’til my pocket’s full //
they told me everything i wanted was impossible //
but i just kept dreaming of rock’n’roll. let’s go!… //


i’ma do my thang thang – i’ma do my thang… //

verse 3:
just when you got sick at the thought of rap //
i came back with something sick and i brought it back //
in the days, took you back to the days of cooking rap //
stumble down a crooked path, forward without looking back //
please support an endangered species //
of hungry artists and play the cd //
take it all in, sit back, let it marinate //
beautiful fairytale told from the barricades //
beautiful fairytale told from the barricades… //