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jag – scattered thoughts lyrics


[verse 1: chubby jag]
i got my home crew f-ck your people
at your door like f-ck your people
on to k!ll it really homie i’m the realest f-ck your ego
i get lit, i spit sick, i get chips just like casinos
all the time can’t just put me on pause n-gga f-ck your tivo
i got cash i could pay for my whole team n-gga plus your people
they don’t trip they got peyton over here n-gga f-ck your tebow
yup we riding round in them stolen cars
we going hard for that d-mn paper
balling out from that kitchen holmes b-tches calling me vin baker
woop can’t do desk work so close that my chest hurt
blunts good, shot gl-sses, lipstick on my dress shirt
i’m made holmes soft beds that i laid on
i aim wrong didn’t graduate but i’m so glad that i stayed home
shame on them hating on a n-gga now a days they waiting on a n-gga
feel like troy aikman on a n-gga better throw that apr-n on a n-gga
i know y’all see jag everybody want my seat bad
but i ain’t gonna’ f-ck my life up cause i’m smart holmes and i see (check?)
hip hop been dead holmes but i’m showing up to that re p-ss
in the bank with my suit on holmes no need for that ski mask
one day got no hoes next day i’m pimping holmes
can’t say that it ain’t right when we rap good sh-t different holmes
different phone, different whip, different b-tch, different home
use to f-ck with my feelings now i take them down no shipment holmes
told myself i’d quit i know my momma hates that we stoned
till i went and got her that crib now she sure don’t hate that we on
yup i hear the beat and i rip it up no spirit gotta lift it up
she leave with jag i take her out
she leave the tab and i pick it up
i take her home and i take her down
but my girl here don’t make a sound
quiet s-x is the best s-x them fake rumors gon’ make it round
my town king that crown king
sh-t about to get ugly holmes
scattered thoughts, h-ll week, if you don’t know i’m chubby holmes