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james potter – memories lyrics


i sit here wondering when you are coming back
all the tears that have past are still so close
you moved on and my life has changed
but the memories still stick in my head
i light up to get you off my mind but
the high only last so long
i dream of you at night
and the feeling is still there between us
i wake up and your not by my side
verse 2
i remember lying with you in bed
your beautiful smile always kept me happy
the good vibes surrounded us
and the touch of your lips had my body tingling
funny how we were best friends and
now we dont have nothing
hurts to see you around because
the pain gets deeper and your talk is so short

verse 3
its been a few years now the seasons have changed
when the sun is out im happy
but when it rains our memories h-t me
like a lighting bolt when it hits the ground
i know ive changed and so have you but the memories will last forever