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jamie t – down to the subway lyrics


[verse 1]
hey, what you say yesterday?
she had fun when they leave alone on sat-rday and night
they love to drink and they love to have a fight
it’s my town coming up down the road
she left you grim and down on the phone
singing songs has all gone wrong
since time is p-ssing, better run, son
jack backdoor never go b-tchslap
the slap from your mother when you just got born
how about calling off some times?
in cotton socks, getting ripped with our wives
track back when i feel that knife and
heavy in your lungs and down your spine and

heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy load
down and up these side tar roads
heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy load
down these side roads
but to tell a lie, sometimes

what you reckon about this one, boys and girls?
next, uh, next number
that’s a [?]

[verse 2]
i remember getting wasted before we drive to the races
run down with subway station, got down and missed our train
why did you get to go there? i went back to my home where
i sat and drank my wine, i feel fine and so i’m home, contorting
arms down, take your time
on monday morning, feeling fine
well missy heard you say nothing more about them
there’s been backstabbing and a b-tchslapping
and a call of “four to the floor,” she’s bleeding
who’s gonna get her out of this place?
it’s not me, not a gentleman’s race
walk to the pavement, look at people
think to myself, jammed in traffic
love elastic, smacking the kitchen
b-tching reminds me of my cl-ssroom
taking pictures, flicking in you know
take it down to the bar, to the breaker
save time and they never hurry up
there’s a buzz building, let them forward

we’re going down on the runway
we’re going right down to the subway
we’re going down on the runway
gonna go catch a sunset
we’re going right down to the subway
gonna go get ourselves a sat-rday
we’re going
we’re going down on a sunday
down to the subway until the monday
we’re going down on a sunday
to the subway to [?]