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jasmine sagginario – time 2 shine lyrics


just because i act a little different
doesn’t mean i’m not always with it
staying true is the way i roll
won’t stop til i reach my goal
now and then i get disrespected
but i try to not get affected
cause i know what i do is right
i’m here to win this fight

it’s my time, it’s your time, it’s our time
we all shine and n-body’s gonna break us down
it’s time to shine his love now
ishine and ushine, we all shine, it’s our time
listen up and gather round
it’s time to shine it right now
let it shine let me hear you say oaohhh
even though my eyes are on heaven
doesn’t mean i’m not gonna listen
when you say that you need me now
i’m gonna try some how
people say i’m acting too holy
but that’s ok, i’m really here only to love you the best i can
i’m here to live it like that

bridge: cmon cmon cmon make a stand
cmon cmon cmon be the plan
light on light on light on everyone
get up get up get up get it done