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javonté – dreams lyrics


[verse 1:]
this journey ain’t been no walk on the beach
i stepped on the plane with a dollar and a dream
i hopped on the scene solo, was just me
no relatives, way across the country
but their eyes on me
the pressure so high, wanna make em happy
my eyes on the prize, i’m just trying to succeed
ain’t sure how to get there, but know where i wanna be
sacrificed a lot for a vision distorted
missed out on so many family portraits
some days i wouldn’t eat cause i couldn’t afford it
but destiny was calling and i couldn’t ignore it, no

mama i’ma make you proud
lori i’ma hold you down
middle finger to the adversity
got me screamin’ “yea, look at me now!”

and i wonder, if you know
what it means, what it means
and i wonder, if you know
what it means, to finally find your dreams

verse 2:
so many obstacles
and so many waiting on me to fall
lost a good friend, thought i lost it all
they didn’t understand, had no one to call
guess i’m taking the road less traveled
the road only god has the map to
almost lost myself along the way
but failing ain’t in my pedigree, no
that’s why i miss so many family functions
out here try’na get it cause i ain’t really won yet
hope it ain’t in vain, hope you see what i’m doing
hope you see what i’m doing



[randy pausch speech]