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jawan harris – headlines lyrics



round the world, round the world they know! [x3]

what’s my name in this game?
like it’s heaven sent.
energized with confidence killin’ on this r&b singing yeah it’s edvinced, breath of fresh air to these woman like a peppermint.
i tell em that i’m sorry for the trash they be lettin in.
and they say where i’m at, i’m at the studio.
and when i finish with these hits i promise you gon’ know.
i be headlinin’ in your vill back to rododoro.
i been waiting patiently or red, green light here we go.
ooh and all my fans in every city say ‘i got it like that’.
i go ham on everything and that’s on every track, track.
when i hit the stage you know i’m on full attack, tack.
so whoever steppin’ up, you gotta take a step back.
ohhh don’t do it please don’t do it cause one of us go in and we all go through it.
see first i had the talent and now i got the skills and sooner or later you will know the deal.
it’s somethin’ they know!

they know, they know, they know
they know, they know, they know
they know, they know, they know, yeah
said the real is on the rise forget them other guys even gave them a chance to decide now it’s something they know.
they know, they know, they know.

i’m screamin out ‘money over everything, money on my mind’ she said i gotta sing it louder so they’ll listen.
said ‘i’m sorry baby but it happens over time’ now it’s time to give them what they’ve all been missin’.
if you don’t get it they’ll be over you,what you thinkin is hot is old news.
so you should do what you supposed to do.
and i say ‘i know’ cause i’m all that, stay on pitch i’m never flat.
and it’s…..true!.
when i make a benzo from a scoote,r even older woman know me, they be like ‘he cuter:)’.
i’ll be your teacher for the night r-r-ruler.
i’ll be that ring around your i’m your hula!
you know they don’t even got it like that, you gon’ hype me up and make me catch a body bad chick.
cause i live for this it ain’t just a hobby like that, ohh when they play records round the world that be something they know.


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