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jay gudda – nature boy lyrics



[verse 1: jay gudda]
peep the vernacular, suck me like dracula
back of the acura, no room to back it up
no room for acting up, i don’t be acting tough
i just be hacking up sh+t
heart black as my lungs, they be matching and sh+t
but hoe kiss me with tongue cuz it matters lil’ b+tch
naw i ain’t mad at you b+tch, you’re just average as f+ck
now i’m mad that i hit, let me have my lil’ fit
john cena can’t see me when i’m in the zone
hot headed as f+ck, there’s no climate control
skiing her slope, she abominable
wants me to play a more dominant role
oh… shorty go home, i don’t got time for this
you blew me off, but i blew your mind with this
i know what kindnеss is, you just be blind to it b+tch
dwayne couldn’t hit this rock bottom
jay tatum, take a look what i taught ‘еm
everything fall like autumn
i ain’t gotta get ‘em, i got ‘em
i hit her with the stunner one time
hit my number, then i went and did a number one time
i can get up under them thighs
make ‘em clap like we done made thunder one time
o k c, she was wetter than seattle one time
see, that was sunshine
but now it’s me time, see, this is pre+prime
little nuts and my granny like a little pecan
i’m a little freak mom
little crazy, but you need to keep calm
tom brady, i want to throw deep bombs
act an ass, and she say hee+haw
[verse 2: jay gudda]
peep how i paraphrase, suck me like sara jay
p+ssy from paraguay, i don’t get scared away
i just get carried away, beast like i’m wanderlie
andale, andale, you just a bantamweight
i could make santa wait, i got no hand to shake
i’m on my phantom sh+t, still like my fanta straight
still on montana sh+t, i think my plan is great
make your b+tch stand in place, ouu
promise that she like that sh+t too
she f+ck me, then she write a haiku
when in red i’m feeling like i’m ryu
everything you do, i do times two
don’t try to take a shot at my crew
you’ll need a bible and a four five too
two+by+four to his head piece
now i got a little head peace
red piece bustin’ on my bed sheets
and we used to be besties, then my ex left me
now the skeeze bless me
i’m a sleaze, god bless me
sometimes i think god might have messed me up
then i think god never messin’ up
b+tch tell me if i’m wrong, i’m a mess or what
suck my d+ck when i’m gone, i ain’t dressin’ up
that p+ssy boy a fraud, straight fessin’ up
we done came too far, i ain’t lettin’ up
don’t leave sh+t up in the car, they ain’t gettin’ us
i ain’t gotta raise the car, i just set it up
dog, call me when there’s facts
i ain’t chattin’, i ain’t tryna have it, i’m not hittin’ you back
and i don’t owe you jack… sh+t
i be f+cking on jill, and she rolling on pills
oh what a thrill, f+ck her then peel
hop in the shower, i’m feeling like ew
roll me a woody, i’m feeling brand new
walked in on my neighbor all winnie the pooh
f+cked her to sleep, i ain’t had sh+t to do
she said it was weak, in a week i’ll be through
and again in a week i’ll be through, true