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jay prime – slick mode part 2 lyrics


babygirl call me slick. i know my flow worth a grip. and my life been like a movie. i’m just tryna flip the script. she been popping off da lip on the disrespectful tip. imma kick her out da whip and make her walk like a crip
i just turned 18. i want your hoe for a present. she gone have to learn today i make your hoe learn a lesson. yea i hear them lames talk like they on go. i ain’t stressing. since they feeling like they bout it i want smoke for a present. i was praying for success, got on my knees i was begging. i prayed for enemies before my own protection. i remember back then i was moving so reckless. my heart was filled up with anger and enemies had me tested
hop out the whip and my chain swing. hop back in the whip and i lane change. bills blue like i g-ngb-ng. get on beats and i flame things. my face card and my name good. so i can be where you can’t hang. you a lame and you ain’t changed. you n-gg-s still doing the same thing. d-mn homie after high school i’m still gone be the man homie. i see ain’t nothing happened with you
i’m 18 moving smarter than n-gg-s. unsigned rapping harder than n-gg-s. 5’8 feeling larger than n-gg-s. they follow me like i’m in charge of these n-gg-s. you not a dog you just barking at n-gg-s. run they mouth and steady talking bout n-gg-s. jealousy is what i call it my n-gg-. they steady hating that’s problem with n-gg-s. since a1 i been in my zone. i dropped a2 and got in slick mode. all my prime files still slick mode. imma stack it up til i’m in rich mode
lies on my name. imma just cover with facts. scars all over my body. imma just cover with tats. all this pain in my eyes imma just cover with racks. remember they was sleeping on me now they can’t even go nap
wake the h-ll up out yo sleep. it’s that young virginia beast. you can’t get no money just running your mouth. talk is cheap. it’ll be your own homies change on you for a fee. them n-gg-s will leave you missing like the doors on a jeep. i don’t really need producers i’ll rap on my beats. i don’t ask n-gg-s for nothing i stand on my own feet. old hoes ion miss em walk past em and i don’t speak. i’m just curious to see if her best friend is better
you a rapper. i’m an artist. it’s just so much more to me. death over dishonor. i should k!ll who change they loyalty. i do things you can’t teach. n-gg- i was born a beast. all i know is chase a comma, stay dripping, and slaughter beats. you a fraud. you can’t do a feature or perform with me. i ain’t here to play with y’all. n-gg- do not toy wit me. we not cool. why we even need to speak cordially? you can’t have yo shawty back. lately she annoying me. young n-gg- i’m too slick. too sick. with my number 2 chick and my number 1 trying to experiment so imma introduce her to my 2 chick. i’m wavy enough for a cruise ship. i got the lion on me like luscious. only 3 n-gg-s that i move with. nu virginia it’s the movement