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jayroxk900 – 931 lyrics


i just slid thru just to see how n+ggas holding up
glocks get to barking nîggas ducking better structure up
stain a goofy n+gga for his money he ain’t getting none

reese in the cut he tryna turn a n+gga head to plums
i ain’t f+ckin round when it’s bout paper yeah i’m on my way
and i can’t say too much because dem people they know where i stay
sliding thru the k go meet a k no this is not ok
better stop that fronting for my n+ggas come to where you stay
just beat my pockets ass l!cks got them swolling up
member we was 30 n+ggas deep but nîggas folded up
pressure get applied these n+ggas p+ssy they be tail tucked
n+gga if you from 900 gang you bet not tell nun

pistols get to bussing no discussion i ain’t wit da tussling
even if we fight up in these streets we go be royal rumbling
b+tch ain’t ain’t no ones bring yo n+ggas cause we beating something
if you wanna take it there we can but f+ck it ain’t no runnin
stand it out and shoot whoever die go be the book discussion
i ain’t playing fair before you up i’m signaling my cousin
glock leave em stuff like a pencil we erasing something
nîggas talking crazy in my face i gotta teach em something
b+tch i’m plotting on a hit hop out all black
slide down once see if they sleep then we spinning back
switch the car up they won’t expect that n+ggas spinning back
it’s a walk down f+ck the car we don’t get into that
tryna hawk em down choppa sounds on his right n left
see em in the cut tryna creep he won’t make it back
catch em in the cut blow the heat bullets rip his chest
we ain’t playing fair when it’s beef we gon make it that
brodie up his pipe but i guess it was part of the plan
walk a n+gga for his hammer
you a f+cking ham
talking out da packs give me that don’t need no helping hand
brodie on the west selling
made a couple bands
i be in these streets it’s so much instrument like we a band
lotta n+gga speaking on the city we don’t need no fans
cool a n+gga down den beat em up dese bullets make em dance
n+ggas in our d+ck more den dese b+tches ion under stand
big 900 mg on that same sh+t n+ggas speaking down on molly he get flamed quick
i be on da k every day wit da k clip
speaking on me guaranteed you getting flamed b+tch