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jdot breezy – long road lyrics



my dog died in my face, so don’t tell me how i’m ‘posed to feel
n+ggas snakes, my circle small, confused now i’m doing pills
tryna touch a million for my n+gga that got a million years
if i fall then get back up, forever god the only man i fear
i was just broke as h+ll, now that bag coming
why you tell me not to flex? i ain’t never had nothing
we got that sh+t right back in blood, my n+ggas smashed something
they ain’t believe in dot [?]
but i’m holding on, i’ma die alone
my n+gga died off that drank so i mix x and strong
mama got weary on her face, why you left us alone?
pain get worser by the day, lil’ leek just called my phone
pain got me doing drugs, i really need a hug
can’t shake this sh+t on us, like, man, what the f+ck?
what if i quit today, i feel like giving up
what if i died today? like, would you give a f+ck?
they hit my n+gga with that iron
now i got demons on my mind, mama, mama
they shot my n+gga dead, one i called my brother
leeky always on my mind, that’s my dog forever
all this sh+t stress me out, i wish we died together
but gang gang got your back, i’ma ride forever
i just never understood, why lil’ leeky left lone
swear to god i’m scarred forever, i ain’t never moving on
we gon’ slide ’til the opposition die
’cause them n+ggas made me cry
catch a k!ller, i’ma open fire
don’t know who to believe, man, everybody lying
i keep my feelings to myself
never told no one when leeky died, i tried to k!ll myself
’cause it’s n0body that feel my emotions
wanna take the time back, like why the f+ck y’all open
so don’t tell me it’s okay
they don’t feel what i feel, f+ck the world, i ain’t straight
man, i know i’m a star, wanna pick back up my drac’
tell a n+gga this for leeky and go and take a n+gga face
look natasha in her eyes and i don’t know what to say
like why the f+ck my n+gga died? they’ll never feel my pain
but i know that a n+gga heart gone
mama help me, this sh+t turned your son cold
never told my feelings, man, i feel like i’m alone
now i’m popping pills hoping one day i’ll be gone
i gotta live for my n+ggas, so i’m just gon’ hold on
i’m just like, proud to say that i made it to where i came, you feel me?
we came from nothing, like, we was in the trenches for real
bangouts broad day, running from the police, all type of sh+t
i remember we was on the porch, i’m having long+ass talks with [?]
and leeky, man, i’m talking ’bout this rap sh+t, like
my n+gga like, “man, my dog gon’ blow, my dog gon’ blow”
you feel me?
and it just like, it just f+cked me up
n+gga ain’t here to see this sh+t
him, john, ralo, you feel me?
this sh+t was a dream, you feel me?
i ain’t never thought i was gon’ be here
n+gga thought i was gon’ be dead or in jail or some sh+t
i just wanna thank god ’cause i’m still breathing



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