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jermit – smelly dude lyrics


[intro: madison]
(jermit, what the sus?)

[verse 1: lil huertas]
aliyah leave lucas alone! he don’t like you and he got a girl of his own
vickram f+cked up the last song cause he’s stupid as sh+t, that’s why he get cheated on by every b+tch
remy still tryna figure out the move? lose my mind like baby smoove
i’m like ll cool j i’m a cool dude!
vickram is a smelly dude, oops that came out h+lla rude
remy makin’ bracelets, n+++a oops that came out h+lla racist
i’m a window shopper like i’m 50 cent, tech deck on thе desk
i like evеrything about s+x half a body everyday so you know i’m not g+y

[verse 2: lil bordan]
(ay, hold up? ay)
taj talkin on the other track, probably cause he can’t pull his sh+t back
hoodie that’s above the sack
bro getting fl!cked up like a kodiak
airdropped at the rally
there is no f+ckin comeback
not droppin’ names on dis track
but i bet those girls really wish they could get they bodies back
talkin’ bout the imposters that hated on my feedback
can’t even blame them
bro was jus gettin’ a bag
gettin’ da bag, he not a pedo
boy i’m pullin’ this three like i’m raul neto
take advantage of a death like i’m cleo
then f+ck a lame call me mia
talkin’ about taj cousin he talkin’ bout my brother
talkin’ bout bonah
keep his name out your mouth
not the first time you had a b+n+r in your mouth
obi speak on my name i’ll do you bad again
wish death on me like many men (uh uh uh)
[outro: lil huertas & jermit]
vickram is a smelly dude, i+ oop, aw f+ck i put+ i was gonna say opps bruh
i oop
(ha ha ha)
wait why+how the do i stop this sh+t? what the f+ck did i do?



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