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jerry quickley – colonists lyrics


(jerry quickley)
dear demetrius
i have never seen water this beautiful
they are going to make us go back
and clear those villages tomorrow
sergeant makes them stand in the tide pools, then he…
sharks feed on blood and sin
you could almost use their backs to walk across the bay
my brother, i miss you and home in the worst way
guano and salt water and i’m so thirsty
i miss you and home in the worst way
heather pyre, viola the user, clyde hannibal, jimmy jackson, reverend jamеs reeb, juliet, hampton morning
jonathan merrick daniels, vеrnon donald, reverend george lee
o’neil warren, harry and harriet norman
the n++++ from down the street who ran to get my father but the police grabbed me when i was nine
dj renegade, patricia smith
king thirty three and a third kicking out the jams on the himalaya
on coney island, six flag, puerto rican bobby
deadra fartey, big head the bull master
that dude from the barnes & n0ble
cindy from crazy growth
every hippy i ever slept with
forte mousse soussa
the last generation of free range kids
iggy pop
david bowie’s seventeenth tremor
both of them
all one hundred and ninety seven of my lost poems
found inside of sn+tches of cracker jack pots and bisqit wrappers and bazooka joe ? laid to ?

spothy, sereah, the baskerville bridge, big head
platform diving to jones beach, night orchids in mombasa

(mike ladd)

at the court room ?? and hearing

ghetto where the gypsies were not more than a year ago
another stop on the rails, at the world bank’s heart
i’m grateful for the iron horse, it runs quiet over here
at home a stranger in the hood that looks at it
sun and ink
a bronx brooklyn inner satellite denser than a nova
cous cous ???

the patty store plastic bags floating with the pigeons
the cold and drizzle here before never welcome anywhere
it’s low pressure, a far cry from algeria
and not that far at all
the c+n+l color clones the sky
the water dark with cadavers
i’ve been to the source of the sin
both banks one can straddle
but here? but here in mega city 9 the sin is a monster
and on october 17th 1961, the cops forced it to swallow possibly two hundred souls, everybody from abdoullah ?
and now in these past four years i have seen heads pushed into unmarked cars
on the dark road of l’republique, the planes and trains are veins sooner placed with microwaves
and they cry emergency but all modders know these waves already
ancestors rode these waves already
i holler back my own sleep soul sat very edge
standing top this tall building here and recite the code noir
at the steel tower, steampunk empire
afro papion, demetrius
afro papion, ?