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jerry vale – mala femmina lyrics


i gotta get my old tuxedo pressed
i gotta get a solid hours rest
’cause tonight i’ve gotta look my best
hey, lulu’s back in town
gotta find a tie that’s not too drab
gotta find an air conditioned cab
and get the dough to pay that tab
hey, lulu’s back in town
you can tell all those chicks
with their captivating tricks
jerry vale’s says nicks
he won’t be around
better tell the mailman not to call
let him leave the letters in the hall
’cause tonight i’m gonna have a ball
hey, lulu’s back in town
though she’s got a nutty name
she’s a real swingin’ dame
she can sure play the game
so i won’t be around
even though i may wind up in jail
maybe need a thousand dollar’s bail
oh tonight i’m really gonna vale
hey, lulu’s back in town
lulu’s back in town