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jess the ancient ones – come crimson death lyrics


clandestine roads to travel
trail of tears that leads to joy
from nowhere i came
from nowhere i left

sail on blessed black shadows
arcane sh-r-s lie ahead
come thunder with silver rain
divination, morningstar

behind the smoking mirror
a pathway of the gods
secret doors in between
concealed with mysteries

rise above this world of ash
that suffocates your heart
sail on to the lands unseen
never to return again

when you arrive, oh when you arrive
light the pyres of gold
eternal meadows in a trance
welcome home to where the shadows dance

if the sun burns my wings
i will cry a thousand tears
turn the wheels in the skies
save me from this life

come crimson death
let it be, let it be
come crimson death
lucifer, morningstar

silence above, silence below
eternal waves carry me home
rainbow’s gold i leave behind
as i welcome the death divine

come crimson death
let it be, oh let it be
come crimson death
morningstar, lucifer