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jessie frye & ollie wride – malibu broken lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m so tired of waiting for you to be mine
and i know that there’s lightning
when i look into your eyes
i dig a little deeper into my soul
find out what i want to say
i never wanted to stop talking to you
but you drifted far away

all my dreams are broken in malibu, in malibu
thougth the sun was golden in malibu, in malibu

[verse 2]
this love is a slow dance
a kiss in the rain
and in the midnight hour
i’m calling out your name
i dig a little deeper into my soul
find out what i want to say
i’ve been losing sleep in the summer heat
i just need to escape


[post hook]
you can play your cards right
be one of the good guys
it don’t mean that you’ll come out the other side (x2)

[chorus] (x2)