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jetsweep30 – davante adams hits crossovers on his release lyrics


i feel a lot of disrespect
like i ain’t even next
shaliece never answer texts
something that i’ll never get

broke boi talking thing take a pencil to his neck
like i’m john wick a straight k!lla, so don’t mess with my dogs
think i’m from arkansas the way i’m mess with them hogs, alright jl go off
it’s me time so i don’t really got time from
the broads

everything in motion word to cirque du soleil
yo i was working so late i was grinding i was shining
with no memory just a picture to remind em
no vogue mag but a youngin steady stylin

everything was a given
but really i wanted me more
that’s the human in me

catch the flow, now i’m an roll
got up off the wall
now i’m choosing like it’s
eenie meenie miney mo
step in the door, too many hoes when i’m moving out, really it go

i’m doing 20 a show, i’m doing 50 a show
100 bands, 200 bands, really it’s move

which one do i get whatever i pick
don’t hate cause i’m hot as mess, successful and rich

don’t try to stop me
i’m going free like ollie ollie
with thick thighs and blue eyes man she naughty naughty

doumbaya through the lane i’m quick to catch a body
so mess out here tristan
broke boys is wishing they could step to the king

but they not even a prince, taysean or amakamura
i stay up late writing raps on mac computer
dropping heat on the beat look how i manuever

gina davis on the tape i’m in a league of my own
like i play for jim boeheim i stay in my zone
jacket two-tone, i don’t answer the phone, it’s no voicemail