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jg rhymes – weed professor lyrics


[verse 1]
weed’s something like,
you can’t describe,
you feel the vibe,
even used by tribes,
it socially divides,
i’m really high besides,
-just wanted to tell you that-
deep inhale the smoke,
you just awoke,
from your day dream,
which even may seem,
real but no more than gleam,
visible to you any time,
try the weed dime,
you won’t decline,
you feel your spine,
and your whole back,
a certain sh-ll to crack,
the memories you stack,
the things that you regret,
real life’s a threat
real life’s a threat
real life’s a threat

[verse 2]
weed’s still a thing,
i remain the king,
of any rhyme string,
of any joint cling,
i’m the true master,
rap’s getting faster,
this is the blaster,
this is the plaster,
for rap’s disaster,
am getting better,
wearing gucci sweater,
jg rhymes forever,
jg tried never,
cause weed’s pleasure,
to stop this measure,
call me weed professor

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